Monday, January 27, 2014

HackIM CTF 2014 - Reverse100 write-up

The challenge is a 32-bit executable : when executing it displays the following :
   Flag : )T(+,*'))$&T(Y)*#(+&#+)$%'T+&#(T
I found that  ")T(+,*'))$&T(Y)*#(+&#+)$%'T+&#(T" is passed to 3 functions, only one of them is executed when running the program (the one that will concatenate 'Flag :' and the encrypted flag then pass them to WriteFile which will write the output to the console) .
So there might be a piece of code that may decrypt the encrypted flag somewhere and was keeped there but never refered to anywhere.
When I saw where the other pushes are it turned out to be the decryption stub which is never executed.
Disassembly here :

As you can see it takes every character from  ")T(+,*'))$&T(Y)*#(+&#+)$%'T+&#(T" then adds "0xD" to it , after that it concatenates the result with another string "5F 41 4E 44 5F 4D 4F 4F 4F 4F" which is  "_AND_MOOOO" in ASCII.

Thus the flag would be : 6a589746613a5f670583086124a8305a_AND_MOOOO
Easy right ? :)

Souhail Hammou.

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